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How to get it

Surelydone ?

Step 1

Open your Whatsapp and text us what you want.

Step 2

Confirm the details and sheep, two sheep, three sheep...

Step 3

four sheep.. and BOOM! Delivered!






Anything means Anything!

Great services, Great deliveries, Anywhere. We deliver almost everything be it a pick and drop delivery or deliveries from thelas and restaurants.

No app needed!

With our unique order feature people can easily reach out to us through Whatsapp and we ensure that we reach out to you in fraction of seconds. Now no need to deal with technical difficulties on the website or mobile application, just think, text, and boom it's delivered.

Smart and Fast!

Speed is the future of perfect delivery, enjoy your day with our committed on time delivery. Our team understands your emergency situations where you need the service as soon as possible, we have got you covered.

Your needs, our priority!

We believe in Esto Esta Hecho which means it's done. We ensure that each and every service is delivered with utmost perfection and quality.

Cost efficient!

Most efficient and cost effective way to get your things done. With increasing demand for these services price is high as well, but no worries with Surelydone you will get what you need within your budget.




Surely is freeing you up from all kinds of technical difficulties; A happy, simple and reliable order makes your day perfect.
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Ask SurelyπŸ™Œ

What are Surely's Sanitation practices?

Don't worry, you are in safe hands πŸ™Œ
Surelydone takes following safety measures:
1.Surelydone launched contactless delivery to ensure your package reaches you without being touched by bare hands and delivered safe with adequate social distancing measures.
2. Our talented tasker's are trained on how to maintain hygiene, the right technique of washing their hands, and the use of respiratory masks.

What is Esto Esta Hecho?

"Esto esta hecho" means "this is done", because Surely does it😌

Can I get momos or just anything! from my fav thela?

Breathe a sign of relief, we are here to deliver your favorite momos from your favorite thelas and your other cravings to your doorstep 🀟

Can Surely supply milk-or other daily items on regular basis?

Yes, Surelydone is here to help you out by delivering your daily requirements and necessities to your doorstep 🀝

What is ApnaChotu?

Surelydone offers Apna chotu, which will help you out with anything you like, just like your personal Helping Hand!

Is Surelydone available 24*7 ?

Surelydone is available from 11AM to 9PM, but soon we’ll be 24*7 🀞

Do I need a prescription for medicines ?

Yes, you can WhatsApp us the clear picture of your valid prescription, Surelydone will deliver them in no time ✍️

Is Surelydone in my city ?

Surelydone is currently operating in Lucknow, UP but we are expanding πŸ€žπŸ™Œ

Have a question other than these?...Don't worry, Shoot!
We hear ya πŸ™Œ, sit tight!
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